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Breaking News: The United States, after its 7th congressional meeting this month, has made the decision to declare war on China. China, after multiple attempts to hack the United States Defense Department after the public assassination of a supposed American spy, has publicly and directly questioned the allegiance of the United States. China allegedly has documents that prove that the United States has plans to abandon nuclear peace and take out certain nations. Without further evidence, as China refuses to release supporting evidence, skepticism is high.

Val:  You know when I’m with y o u ..

Let me stop you there. Just hold on. You are about to say something that feels magical at the moment but in the future it will kill me. Slowly, like a deadly disease.

Val:  I’m still going to say it. You can’t stop me (smiles). Why can’t you just accept that it’s what I feel in the present, at this exact astronomical notable moment. Don’t think about the future.

It’s so easy for you to say. You’ve never lost anything. It’s been nothing but clear skies and sweet..

Val– Sweet what?

Nothing. I’m being overly pessimistic. I don’t deserve this astronomical notable moment.

Val:  (Laughing) Are you mocking me?  I believe everyone does, everyone deserves to experience this amazing once in a lifetime cosmological moment. Better?  Right now someone is being married, born, falling in love and on the other hand someone is dying, battling oscirus*, getting divorced.

What were you going to say? 

Val:  What I was going to say was that- I am glad I met you. We were destined to meet. Through out my life, I’ve always been confused but at that moment, when I saw you, I felt like everything made sense. Every occurrence led me to you and ever since everyday has been an

astronomical   notable   moment

*oscirus- a deadly contagious disease discovered after the success of defeating cancer in it’s beginning stages. Often referred as level two cancer.